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One of the Leading Medical Suppliers in KSA
Although we are a newly established medical company specializing in both the dental and medical fields, we are supported by a very experienced team. We are starting big and aiming high, providing healthcare solutions to a growing Saudi market through alignment with exceptional partners, dedication to customer service, and the continuing development of our teams while maintaining our social responsibility to raise both patient and doctor awareness.

Our vision is to become market leaders in medical and pharmaceutical services, by providing reliable value-added solutions to our customers.

The improvement of human life is our mission and we put it at the topmost of our activities. providing customers with the best and selected products without extending false claims or unmet promises

Don't worry - get medical supplies from us

Our premium list of medical equipment brands is world-class and the best in the industry. So once you are onboarding as a WAAM4 customer quality is guaranteed. We make sure our every product adds value to your business and your patients. This customer-centric approach in the industry has made us one of the emerging medical equipment.

12+Expert personalities
15+Years of Experience
99+Customers Satisfaction

Experience and Reach 

To access medical expertise with knowledge

We exist to help dental professionals make more smiles in the world.WAAM4 Medical Supplies  is a trusted supplier for dentists in the KSA of high quality dental materials, orthodontics and rotary instruments.

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  • Delivery speed
  • Fair prices

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Our goal is your complete satisfaction and service

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We are always available with a sales team specialized in the medical sector to provide you with full information